Meryl Cohen's "Fabric Fusion" is a unique art form rich with interest and detail. Color and texture mingle in her creations, with subtle and surprising solutions to the process of presenting an image and telling a story.

In Meryl's words:

"When I owned a drapery manufacturing company in San Diego, I began using fabric in my art. Since then, I buy fabric pieces, and many times dye my own materials, which I incorporate into my acrylic or silk work. Instead of using paint or dye for certain colors or patterns that I want, I substitute fabrics. I even use fabric as an overlay over a specific painted area in order to get the effect I want. To adhere the fabric, I use an archival glue or fusible pellon. As a result, much of my work has a dimensional look."

The best way to understand how Meryl makes her art is to take a close look, to see how the pieces of fabric are fused to produce graphic elements. Two enlarged sections and several desktop-size close-ups are shown below.

Desktop Sized Samples:

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