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Western History / Genealogy Department Reference Questions    720-865-1821
Jim Kroll, Manager   jkroll@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1820
Linda Running Bentley, Senior Catalog Librarian lbentley@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1813
Debbie Gemar, 10th Mountain Division   dgemar@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1812
Bruce Hanson, Reference Librarian    bhanson@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1821
Joan Parker Harms, Acquisitions Specialist, Manuscripts  jharms@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1810
John Irwin, Senior Librarian     jirwin@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1811
James Jeffrey, Collection Specialist    jjeffrey@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1816 
Colleen Nunn, Reference Librarian / Conservation     cnunn@denver.lib.co.us   720-865-1821
Phil Panum, Special Collections Librarian / Western Americana & Maps     ppanum@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1815
Janice Prater, Education / Program Assistant     jprater@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1821
Trina Purcell, Curator of Photographs   tpurcell@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1817
Robert Russell, Archivist / Conservation Collection     rrussell@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1906
Myron Vallier, Catalog Librarian / Photographs    mvallier@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1806
Kay Wisnia, Special Collections Librarian, Art     kwisnia@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1482  
Ellen Zazzarino, Archivist / Senior Librarian, Manuscripts   ezazzar@denver.lib.co.us 720-865-1905
Photo Sales Information - Photo Sales Clerk 720-865-1818
Western History Genealogy Fax Number 720-865-1880

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