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North American Indians

The Library's resources on North American Indians focus on social life and customs, religion, government relations, warfare and military life and tribal history. The collection features an extensive selection of books, academic and scientific publications, newspapers and magazines, microfilm, oral histories, and manuscripts that all provide deeper insight into the lives of this country's original inhabitants.


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Our vintage travel guides and journals are a valuable resource for all kinds of research.

Reknowned western artists documented many Indian cultures that would otherwise have been lost completely.

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Our American Indian art collection provides unique glimpses of pre-photographic western life.

Details lost to the camera or diarist are readily available from the hand of the artist.

You can search for North American Indian subjects in the Western History Photo Database, or in the Denver Public Library's catalog. Use terms like "papoose," "teepee," "hogan," "feather headdress," "Sitting Bull," "Native American," and "Indians."

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